7 Must Ask Questions Before Selecting the Top Web Designing Company

Businesses often face the daunting task of having to select the right service providers. Be it a website designing company or an SEO company. And in the time of the internet, it certainly isn’t an easy task.

There are hundreds of companies that are formed every year which subsequently go bust. How would you as a business know if the service provider that you have engaged is the right one for you?

So, we have compiled a list of ten questions that you must ask every website designing firm before deciding to hire them.

The Track Record: A lot of so called ‘ Top web design companies ‘ have very impressive portfolios. But have you ever googled the names of the companies to check whether they actually exist? You may also ask the company for references and call up these clients to ask their feedback. Most people would be willing to help you out.

Dedicated Representatives: It helps to have a dedicated person handle your account. So ask the website design company beforehand if there will be one single point of contact whom you can contact anytime to know the progress of your project and answer any other queries that you may have.

The Team: You need to find the right sized company to outsource your project to. It is a thumb rule that larger organizations are more rigid while smaller agencies are more flexible. Having said that, you must enquire about the team because in case your account manager calls in sick for a few days, there must be someone who can take up the task. Most top web design companies have at least 10 employees.

The Age: While age is not a factor that really determines how well they design a website, a company that has been around for a few years is obviously there for a reason. For example, a professional web design company in Mumbai accounts for some of the best looking websites on the internet. And it is more than 7 years old.

Customer Friendly: A website design company has to be approachable because they have to work like an extension of your company. They need to understand the requirements, think like you do to be able to represent and reproduce your thoughts. Can you connect with them without having to go through a lot of technical details and jargon? This is where top web design companies outperform the inexperienced ones.

TOS: The terms of service are an underestimated aspect of business. You must ask their terms of service clearly. Are there hidden costs? Do you get access to source files? Who holds the copyright to the source code? Do they charge to get bugs fixed? Can you pay in parts or you have to pay them outright? If you wish to have a flawless website design experience, then you can always engage a professional web designing company in Mumbai.

Outsource: Are they resellers who outsource their work to someone else? Yes. Hundreds of businesses on the internet outsource their work to lower priced counterparts. The problem with this model is that the quality of the work can suffer. Always look for a company that completes the project in-house.

If you ask these simple yet effective questions to every service provider before you hire them, you should be able to make a wise and informed decision.